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Keystone Elite Sale

In our 10th year of offering our elite genetics to boost your operation, we at C Davis Farms and Swank Farm want to express our sincere appreciation to our buyers over the past 9 years. We hope you will join us on March 9, 2024, at our new location, C Davis Farms in Ford City, PA. As the longest running Private Red Angus sale in the Northeast, we are proud of this year’s lineup of more than 20 excellent herd bulls and both registered and commercial Red Angus replacement females.

The Keystone Elite Advantage

Our breeding principals are simple: To provide total performance genetics and breed leading EPDs. We keep our genetics diverse, but consistent. This year’s offering is the best group of genetics offered to date, with a range from calving ease heifer bulls to very powerful, put pounds on the ground bulls for a more mature herd. Our main focus is providing a diverse group of Bulls and females that can fit into and improve any type of herd.  

We focus on growing our bulls with free choice first cutting hay and 1.5-2% of their body weight in a grain ration, split and fed twice a day. We take weights every week and adjust accordingly. With a combination of 11 different AI and natural sires in our bull selection, you will be sure to find your next herd bull at Keystone Elite!  

All bulls are eligible for the Pennsylvania Bull Credit Program. All animals are GGP-LD, ultra sounded for carcass traits and all bulls are semen tested.  

Our female offering is second to none! We look for good feet, legs and overall structural soundness rather than simply a good EPD profile.  Our cows work in all environments, and have plenty of guts and capacity, lots of milk and last, but not least, great dispositions. Their daughters will provide you with style, structural correctness, capacity, solid EPD profiles and excellent carcass traits.  

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself! Click here for the sale catalog.

The Keystone Elite Sale Facility

C Davis Farms
363 Mill Hill Road, Ford City, PA 16226

Cattle Viewing | Friday, March 8, Noon EST until sale time.  
Cocktail Hour | March 8, 5 PM EST
Lunch | March 9, Noon EST
Sale | March 9, 1 PM EST

Sale Details

All cattle will be penned under roof for viewing. The sale will be conducted in a heated facility with videos of the cattle selling playing on large screen TVs. You will be able to enjoy good food and good company while buying the next addition to your herd! No cattle will run through the sale ring. Kyle Gilchrist from Douds, IA will be the auctioneer again this year. We are very excited to have Rob Hess as our area 7 director. 

Hotels are about 15 miles from the farm, and please stop in on Friday. You can meet Kyle and the rest of the crew.  This also gives us more time to answer all your questions as sale day can be very hectic.

Delivery is available, please contact us for details.

Bid online at DVAuction.